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Who we are


Our goal is to tackle the difficult issues affecting our communities in the career space and to guide people to their most happy place. This is the foundation on which Mshauri (Advisor) Careers is built. 

Meet M & L


In a nutshell a simple girl with red hair that can be heard laughing in the hallways.


Career wise, I have been in the talent acquisition space hiring individuals in different industries of different seniority levels across the African continent.


I have worked in various industries including banking, consulting and technology. 


It is not what you take from the world but what you put in it. This quote is what has driven me all my life.  


My career in HR is fulfilling to me because I get to work on improving how people are managed and thus making a difference around me each day.

It’s now my 9th year in this profession and I love how no day is the same.


Good Vibes!

We bumped into each other early on in our careers and even then we both knew instinctively that this was going to a special bond.


We have been fortunate to experience great careers and we just want to pay it forward and be the wind beneath the wings of others as far as careers are concerned.

M & L Together

Our Content

Hanging with M & L

Personal Branding

  • Tips on how to improve your CV, LinkedIn profile & cover letter content

  • How to set yourself apart  

Job Search Techniques

  • The power of networking

  • How to land your dream job

  • How to interview effectively

All other things careers

  • How to make a career change
  • How to diversify your income streams
  • Navigating workplace challenges 

Fun spaces for you to learn and engage:

Masai People in Zanzibar Tanzania

Our Philosophy

“If there’s a book that you want to read,


But hasn't been written yet,


Then you must write it”


-Toni Morrison

Our Philosophy

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