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The COVID-19 Silver Lining

It is amazing how a small virus can snowball and become a whole pandemic. Granted it has brought with it a lot of changes, job loss being at the top, it’s safe to say that it has paved ways for jobs that somewhat took a back seat pre-pandemic.

If you recently lost your job, are experiencing pay cuts and are looking for a new side hustle, want to change careers, or you just want to build your skills, here are some areas you may want to venture into:

1. Digital marketing – whether you are a business veteran, a newbie, or someone in-between, you can use social media and other online platforms to promote products, services, or yourself; to increase traffic to your pages and increase engagement. Even if you are not savvy, you can always hire someone who is, to do it for you.

2. Application development and programming – everyone and everything are online. Convenience is the modern love language, A. I and mobile apps have taken over. Why not learn a programming language to set you apart from your peers in your field of expertise?

3. Healthcare – it is the most versatile field to choose from that accommodates everyone. With over 6000 jobs created in the Ministry of Health in Kenya, there is a chance for you to explore it. As you are stuck at home, and you are looking to change careers, get into healthcare.

All of this notwithstanding, you could always learn some soft-skills that are a must-have;

- Persuasion - how to convince people to choose you and keep choosing you especially now when we are all spending less. Making your customers’ money worth.

- Collaboration – coming together with your colleagues as well as other companies to make yourself better in the eyes of your consumers. There is strength in numbers after all.

- Adaptability – Change is the biggest constant, and you should always be expecting something you are not used to. How quick you adapt to it, puts you on a pedestal.

- Emotional Intelligence ­– in a world where we are constantly fighting known and unknown issues, all we can do is be sensitive to another person; listening, empathizing, and being humane.

The greatest advantage of these skills is that they can be learned, you do not always need to attend the traditional university module to learn these skills, but even if you do, it will be part of your arsenal. With the right certification, you will be on your way to breaking boundaries.

If you are wondering where to start, thanks to the internet, you can register for short online classes on various forums such as Udemy, or research on schools locally and internationally that offer them. You can make this pandemic work for you.

Compiled with the help of our Social Media Specialist, Mercy Rapha

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